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Pongo Cocoa Hazelnut Protein Spread – Low Sugar and Low Carb – Natural Flavor – Keto-Friendly Spread for Breakfast…


✅ DECADENT FLAVORS – Relish in the rich fusion of cocoa and hazelnut as you add this spread onto your morning toast, enjoy it as a pre-workout snack, or whenever you want a yummy, chocolatey treat!
✅ 3X MORE PROTEIN – At 7g per serving, this jar has thrice the protein content of other hazelnut chocolate spreads in the market, making it perfect for those who are on a high protein diet.
✅ WATCH YOUR SUGAR – At just 1g of added sugar, our hazelnut paste has 77% less sugar content than the leading brand. We don’t use artificial sweeteners so you can have a snack with fewer calories and no guilt.


OnAre you looking for a tasty spread that has more protein? MakeToast is a great idea in the early morning, it’s true. There’s nothing quite like scanning your cupboards for the perfect spread to slather onto your bread. However, you may find that you don’t have plenty of exciting options left. Worse, you realize that the options that you do have in your pantry aren’t particularly great for your diet. TheseSpreads can be very high in sugar or very low in proteins. Sure, they may taste alright – but don’t you wish you had something in your kitchen that’s as good for your well-being as they are tasty? EnjoyA protein-rich, flavorful snack that pairs well with the Pongo Cocoa Hazelnut Protein SpreadYou can! WhatIt is okay to have a delicious snack, but what if it causes you to eat more calories and carbs than necessary? AndHowever, what good is a healthy choice if it doesn’t satisfy your tastebuds. WithWe strive to achieve the perfect balance of nutrition and flavor in this chocolatey jar with hazelnut spread. WithoutArtificial sweeteners, the decadent natural flavors of cocoa or hazelnut, are all brought to the forefront. OurThese jars are 3x more nutritious and 77% lower in sugar than other hazelnut spreads. LetEach serving contains 7g of protein, which will help you reach your daily protein goals! MoreSpread it on toast. You can also use our protein spread as a dip for any of your favorite fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, or slices of apple. DrizzleIt can be added to a bowl of oats or pudding. OrYou can also add it to your post-workout smoothies and shakes for a delicious treat MoreThere are many reasons to keep a jar this protein spread in your pantry.✅No palm oil ✅ A sustainable option ✅ Supports The Orangutan Project ✅ Comes13 oz. Jar It’s time to make better snack choices. AddThe Pongo Cocoa Hazelnut Protein SpreadAdd to your cart NOW

✅DECADENT FLAVORS RelishEnjoy the rich, chocolatey combination of hazelnut and cocoa when you spread this spread on your morning toast.
✅3X MORE PROTEIN AtThis jar is 7g in size, and has three times the protein content than other hazelnut chocolate spreads on the market. This makes it ideal for people who are following a high-protein diet.
✅WATCH YOUR SUGGAR – AtOur hazelnut paste contains just 1g of sugar and 77% less than the leading brand. WeSo that you don’t feel guilty about eating sweetened drinks, avoid them.
✅SUSTAINABLE SNACKING: Our healthy chocolate hazelnut spread does not contain palm oil. NotNot only is palm oil unhealthy in large quantities, but its production can also be harmful to the environment.
✅6-Pack Available! – Search”Pongo6 pack to save

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