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Poop Like A Champion Healthy Choice Ultra High Fiber Cereal – A Low Carb Food, Keto Friendly Food & Fiber Supplement…


【Enjoy the Poo-Phoria】 Be a Master of Your Movements with our High Fiber Cereal with soluble and insoluble fiber! Absorb more nutrients, improve digestion, colon cleanse and go Number 2 regularly!
【Made for Convenience】 Just one serving at breakfast and 79% of your daily fiber needs are met! A natural gluten free cereal and keto food with psyllium fiber that fits your busy lifestyle!
【Natural, Premium Ingredients】 Clean food and premium ingredients only – Non-GMO sorghum flour, psyllium husk powder, corn bran and more! High fiber, keto friendly, & gluten free healthy food,


Size:10(*) (Ounce1.PackA

Poop Like? Champion High Fiber Cereal? Low Carb? Keto Friendly? Clean Label- 0% Gluten Free Cereal12g Gluten22g Net CarbsPer bowl – NO FiberCLEAN LABEL PRODUCT NOW Wheat-GMONon

The Enjoy-Poo】 PhoriaA BeThis is MasterWith our Your MovementsBoth soluble and insoluble fibers! High Fiber CerealIncrease nutrition, digestion, colon cleaning, and go Absorb2 regularly
【NumberFor Made】 ConvenienceOne serving of breakfast will provide 79% of your daily fiber requirements. This natural, gluten-free and keto food is made with psyllium fiber. It’s perfect for busy lives!
【Just? Natural】 Premium IngredientsOnly food and premium ingredients Clean-GMO sorghum flour and psyllium powder, corn bran, and many other products! NonFiber, keto friendly, and gluten-free healthy food
【High】 – Keeps Your Calories In CheckCarbohydrates contain only 160 calories per portion and promotes digestive function. LowThe perfect gluten-free alternative to oatmeal and granola.
【It’sA Poop Like!】 Champion food isn’t made to taste great, but it’s MADE to WORK GREAT! HealthyIf you like, add a little honey or brown sugar to give it a sweet, nutty flavor.

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