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Pop-Up Mākeke Maui Sweet N Spicy – Bacon Crack Maui 3C Creole



Do you like bacon? SaltyA sweet and peppery creole OhYea, this is what people are talking to. OnceAgain, not candy-covered bacon, but smoky bacon that has been baked to a crisp and topped with sprinkles Maui3C Creole. PerfectAs a snack, on a hamburger or with a glass cold beer.TheFDA should require warnings on these packages. ThisYou can’t stop buying stuff! IfIf you thought bacon couldn’t be improved, think again. ThisThis is a higher level than your regular bacon and bacon jerky. Sweet. Spicy SavoryIt’s a win-win situation for meat lovers. ReadyTo Eat Crispy Bacon CoatedWith Maui3C Creole Spice- A mixture of Creole. Cacao Coffee. Perfect Snack. GarnishOr Protein Treat.

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