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Psycho Chilli Salted Caramel Ghost Pepper Milk Chocolate Bar 100g


Caramel Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes, Vanilla Fudge Pieces and Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Chilli
Enjoy one piece at a time
Created especially for serious chilliheads


WonderfulCaramel chocolate with buttery vanilla fudge on the front and savoury little bits of sea salt.

AndThen the Naga JolokiaIt kicks in with a heat that builds but isn’t overwhelming.

EnjoyTake it one at a time. SavourThe flavour. EmbraceThe heat.

MoveOver Willy Wonka. There’sA new kid on the block

Dr. Burnörium Says:

CreatedFor serious chilliheads, my Psycho ChocolateThe perfect combination of heat & flavour

TheThe challenge was to find the right balance.

It’sIt’s hot, it’s true, but it’s not so hot that it melts your face.

m Dr. Burnörium and for me to put my name, not to mention my gorgeous fizzog, on the sleeve you can be sure that Psycho ChocolateIt’s something quite special.

I hope you enjoy my work. Psycho ChocolateThe range can go up to I’veThese were fun to create for serious chilliheads such as you.

Caramel Milk ChocolateWith Sea Salt Flakes. Vanilla Fudge Pieces(*( (Naga Jolokia) Ghost PepperOne piece at a Time
EnjoyParticularly for serious chilliheads
WARNING CreatedYou can!
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