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Pukka Supreme Matcha Green, Organic Herbal Green Tea with Oothu, Sencha & Suio Gang, 20 Count (Pack of 3) Price: $14.97 (as of 07/02/2023 07:04 PST- Details)

Case of three boxes, each containing 20 individually wrapped tea bags
Good news for replenishing your magical powers
Made with organic whole leaf green and the finest matcha powder


PackSuperheroes need a boost.

Even our superpowers can run low. SometimesPure emerald WelcomePowder – Our magical super-ingredient infused with the goodness and three fair-traded whole leaf vegetables: Matcha? Chinese SenchaAnd Indian Oothu. Vietnamese Suoi GangSuperpowers are recharged ShazamTo a magical new world. WelcomeOur plastic-free tea bags come in a recyclable envelope to preserve the essential oils of our organic herbs. Every PukkaTwo chambers allow the amazing herbs to flow into your cup. EachPour boiling water directly onto the bag to allow the flavours to disperse. ToThe herb loves water so let them steep to get the perfect brew. EveryYou can keep it going for up to 15 minutes. InfuseEvery cup of coffee is made with the water you have. BoilingTea as sustainable as possible PukkaNews to replenish your magical powers GoodOur heartfelt desire to make the world a better place is to use the amazing power of organic herbs. At PukkaI hope you are inspired to learn more about yourself and the beautiful planet in which we all live. WeGood things can make good things happen. DoingMake things that will help you, the environment, and everyone in between. We’s called conservation through commerce – striving to positively change the world for you, business and the planet. ItAre a B WeOrganisation CorpRetain 1% for the Giving? PlanetFor FairAnd LifeWild certified Fair you enjoy IfWhy not? Supreme Matcha Green? Clean Matcha Green? CleanseThree boxes containing 20 individually wrapped teabags.
Lean Matcha Green

CaseNews to replenish your magical powers
GoodOrganic whole leaf green and the finest matcha
Madeare supremely clean, green, and superior
MorningsSourced, 100% organically grown ingredients
EthicallyThese amazing herbs can be kept alive by infusing in boiled water for 3-5 min
BringWe are proud of being 1% for the Planet. WeProduct is certified ThisFor Fairkosher, non GM, and kosher
60 tea bags that are individually sealed and wildlife-friendly to compost

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