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Pure Leaf Iced Tea, 0 Calories Unsweetened Variety Pack, 18.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) Price: $18.00 (as of 10/04/2023 16:34 PST- Details)

Brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest, never from powder or concentrate
No artificial sweeteners or added color
Variety pack features 3 unsweetened flavors – Black tea, green tea, and lemon iced tea (4 bottles of each)



Flavor Name3FL We believe that the best things are simple and real. Unsweetened Variety Pack

At Pure LeafSometimes simplicity requires a little more effort. ButEach pure leaf brew is freshly packaged and sealed. We take great pride in our tea leaves, which results in a refreshing cup of tea. BeforeIt is Pure Leaf? Real-LeafIced tea is made with real tea leaves that have been brewed at their freshest. It’s not made from powdered or concentrated tea leaves (like other teas). BrewedTea leaves are carefully selected and brewed to give you the best tea flavor. BlackVariety pack contains 3 of our most popular unsweetened flavors. This? Black Tea, Green TeaAll with 0 calories Lemon Iced TeaThis 12 bottle variety pack includes bottles of each flavor.FourReal tea leaves are made from fresh, unadulterated tea leaves. Never from powdered or diluted concentrates

BrewedArtificial sweeteners and color additives
NoPack contains 3 unsweetened flavors VarietyTea, green tea, and lemon-flavored iced tea (4 bottles each)
0 calories per bottle
BlackTwelve 18.5 ounce bottles

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