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Raincoast Crisps, Crisp Fig Olive, 5.3 Ounce


Imported from Canada
Try these crisps on their own or enhanced with soft cheeses such as chevre, brie or triple creme
Raincoast Crisps


TheseSignature crisps are delicious to eat on their own but shine when topped with your favorite cheese, pate, or antipasto. RaincoastCrisps are the perfect food to entertain a crowd, no matter if it’s a casual get together or an elegant cocktail party. ThisThey are a conversation starter because of this. Original: It all started with this crisp! A toasty, nutty taste with a slight sweet finish. ThisCrisp has hints of spice and pairs well with seafood, antipasto, and smoked salmon. HazelnutThe creation of cranberry crisps has brought more conversation to entertaining circles. The perfect snack for parties, luncheons or sneaky midnight snacks, tart plump Cranberries and toasty Hazelnuts make this snack. TheyThey are also a great complement to brie, camembert or roasted porcini mushrooms with Mascarpone. FigOlive: Another incredible crisp, these combine the salty taste and sweetness of kalamata oli with the sweet flavor and succulent adriatic plums. TryThese crisps can be eaten as-is or topped with soft cheeses like chevre, Brie, or Triple creme. TryThey can be served with a yogurt-and-egg dip or an italian basil pesto. Saltydate: In response to customers’ requests, lesley stowe topped this crisp with coarse sea salt. She paired it with a delicious combination of sweet almonds and dates. Don’tGo dateless; we love the match between camembert, fresh chevre or comte. TryYou can also try it with tuscan-white bean dip! apricot & ginger: This limited edition flavor can be paired with pepper salami, muffuletta and mango chutney. GetGet yours now, before they run out! rosemary raisin pecan: These crisps are chock-full of delicious, flavor-packed thompson raisins and toasty pecans. These crisps are simply amazing by themselves.

ImportedFrom Canada
TryThese crisps can be enjoyed on their own, or with soft cheeses like chevre or brie.
Raincoast Crisps
AvailableIn Hazelnut Cranberry. Fig Olive. Rosemary Raisin Pecan. Salty DateOr Cinnamon Raisin
VarietiesEach sold separately

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