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Contains (36) 1.2-ounce HERSHEY’S Bunny Milk Chocolate Candy Bars
Fun Easter basket stuffers full of solid milk chocolate goodness for everyone to savor on Easter
Individually wrapped and kosher certified, these 36 Easter chocolate bunnies have a festive Easter bunny design on the wrappers


A tried and true favorite — solid milk chocolate in the shape of an adorable EasterBunny. SomePeople start by biting off their ears. Some like to break the bars into pieces while others just go in for a tasty bite. NoNo matter what your preference, these HERSHEY’S are a great choice. Milk Chocolate Bunny Candy BarsYou’ll smile from ear to ear. TheThe creamy milk chocolate taste is great on its own, but when it’s paired with a cold drink of milk after, it’s delicious EasterCelebrations are close to perfection. StuffYour EasterBaskets with solid milk chocolate bunnies are a sweet option Easter morning surprise, too! AndYou don’t have to worry about it, adults, teenagers, and kids will all love having one in their basket. AddThese sweet treats are individually wrapped and kosher and can be added to your candy jars or bowls for everyone to enjoy during springtime festivities. This EasterBunny chocolate is cute enough for you to stuff inside your EasterBaskets are delicious enough to delight any chocolate lover as a holiday treat.

Contains(36) 1.2-ounce HERSHEY’S Bunny Milk Chocolate Candy Bars
Fun EasterBasket stuffers with solid milk chocolate goodness are a delight for everyone to enjoy Easter
IndividuallyThese 36 items are wrapped and kosher approved. EasterThe festive look of chocolate bunnies is a great way to celebrate the holidays EasterWrappers with bunny design
Everyone has a favorite spot to start — ears, cheeks, feet? WhereWill you?
EvenThe EasterThis creamy and solid milk chocolate bars will be a hit with bunny to celebrate spring’s favorite holiday.

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