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Richards Maple Products 100% Pure Geauga County Maple Syrup, Grade A, Dark Color – Quart (32 Fl. Oz.)


100% Pure Maple Syrup From Geauga County, Ohio
Great in dishes and on Ice cream
Perfect for Mixed Drinks and Smoothies


Flavor Name:Dark

Since1910, the RichardsMaple syrup is made by a family who only uses the finest flavor. OurCandy has won many blue ribbons at festivals and fairs throughout the world. Ohio. TryOur Pure Maple SugarOr Cream. Candy Maple Spread. Granulated Sugar. WeUse Maple SyrupOur website Peanut Carmel Corn. Barbeque Sauce. Coated Nuts. Beef Jerky. Mustard, Salad Dressings.

100% Pure Maple Syrup From Geauga County. Ohio
GreatIn dishes and on Icecream
PerfectFor Mixed Drinks Smoothies
Gluten Free. Paleo Friendly. Naturally Organic. Vegan Lactose Free

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