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Siddha Feelin Focused Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars with 64% Organic Cacao, Prebiotics, Vitamin D, Coconut Sugar & Flower…


HEALTHY CHOCOLATE: We believe enjoying Chocolate doesn’t have to compromise our diets or our values, so we made them Vegan, Organic, Free from Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Soy Lecithin, Emulsifiers, Refined Sugar, Cane Sugar and Sugar Alcohols. It’s also Non-GMO Project Verified.
SWEETENED THE RIGHT WAY: Both your sweet tooth and dentist will appreciate our unique blend of sweeteners including organic coconut sugar, prebiotic fiber, yacon and the popular erythritol sweetener. By packing just 2g of sugar per serving, you can even enjoy it on a keto diet. Ow, and don’t worry, we tested this blend plenty of times to ensure it’s just right 😁
100% DELICIOUS: Did we say these were good? Like really good? You’ll be shocked by how soft, creamy, decadent, yummy and just absolutely heaven these Dark Chcolate Bars are. Even without all those nasties, by using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, we’re sure you’ll be totally hooked.


HEALTHY CHOCOLATE WeBelieve in enjoying ChocolateIt doesn’t have be that we compromise our diets and our values. So we made them. Vegan? Organic? FreeFrom Gluten? Dairy? Soy? Soy Lecithin? Emulsifiers? Refined Sugar? Cane SugarAnd Sugar Alcohols. It’sAlso Non-GMO Project Verified.
SWEETENED THE RIGHT METHOD: BothOur unique blend of sweeteners will delight your sweet tooth and dentist. ByYou can enjoy it on a Keto diet as it contains only 2g sugar per serving. Ow, and don’t worry, we tested this blend plenty of times to ensure it’s just right 😁
100% DELICIOUS DidWe say that these were good? LikeReally good? You’llThese cookies are divine! They are rich, creamy, decadent and delicious. Dark Chcolate BarsAre. EvenWe guarantee that you will be completely hooked without all the nasties. We use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients.
NOURISH THE BODY & SOUL: Our Vegan Chocolate BarsThese products are infused with, and powered from select ingredients Flower Essences. HomeopathyFlower essences can be subtle, but not weak. TheirThe ability to shift patterns on an energetic level, can vastly improve both physical and mental well-being. Here’sto better health and ultimately, greater freedom
SHIPPING NOTE Because Siddha ChocolateIt doesn’t contain any stabilizers, preservatives or other nasties. This makes it more vulnerable to melting in warmer climates. IfYou can be sure that the chocolate you receive is not compromised in any way. AmazonWe’ll help you.

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