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SKINNYDIPPED SuperDark + Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Almonds Ounce Resealable Bag, 3.5 Oz, 10 Count


NEW SUPER DARK + SEA SALT COVERED ALMONDS: Try our newest Skinny Dipped Almonds that are whole almonds dipped in a thin layer of vegan 73% artisan dark chocolate and finished with a hint of sea salt.
OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS SNACK: Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with a low sugar, better-for-you snack that includes 5g of protein, 3g of fiber and only 150 calories per serving.
NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD: Almonds contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E making them a satiating, heart healthy plant based snack.


Size:3.5(*) (OunceOf 10)PackAre you a health nut or a health nut?

AreThey are. WeOur latest Try+ Super DarkThat are made with only real, delicious, clean ingredients Sea Salt SkinnyDipped AlmondsAlmonds are whole roasted with a hint maple sugar and sea salt. EachThey are NextIn a thin layer, you will find more almonds per bite with vegan 78% artisan chocolate. SkinnyDippedLast but not least, every almond is dusted with a little cocoa. LastThey are known for their high intake of nutrients. AlmondsHealthy snacking that is both delicious and healthy SkinnyDipped AlmondsServing is rich in plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fats. It also contains magnesium, antioxidants, and EachE.Vitamin

Our latest TryThese are whole almonds coated in vegan 73% dark chocolate.
A OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS Snack: Skinny Dipped AlmondsEnjoy sweet and salty tastes with this low-sugar snack that has 5g of protein, 3g fibre, and 150 calories per portion.
NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD SatisfyThey are high in fiber, protein, vitamin E, healthy fats, and magnesium, making them a satisfying, heart-healthy snack.
ALWAYS USE REAL INGREDIENTS AlmondsThey are steam pasteurized with real ingredients and are made with them SkinnyDipped Super Dark Almonds-GMO Non. Gluten FreeThere are no artificial flavors or ingredients.
SHIPS WITH COLD PAKKS: Absolutely(10) Includes3.5 oz ResealableThis is BagsWhen sold by SKINNYDIPPED, they ship on ice during the summer months. SkinnyDipped Super Dark Chocolate Covered

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