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Snickers Minis Christmas Chocolate Candy – Christmas Chocolates Individually Wrapped Candy Bars – Snickers Candy Bars (2…


SNICKERS CHRISTMAS CANDY: These chocolate candy mini snickers bars loaded with Milk chocolate, soft nougat and caramel center with fresh roasted peanuts. Snickers candy bars satisfy your hunger.
CHRISTMAS WRAPPING: These mini chocolates individually wrapped come with festive green, and red packaging; your favorite candy bars are all dressed up for the holiday season.
PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: Snickers; you’re not you when you’re hungry. Vegetarian friendly Christmas chocolate candy and free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. These mini chocolate bars loved by all ages.


Size:2(*) (Pound1.PackDon’t be fooled! SNICKERS

Don’tEvery bite delivers big chocolate flavor and satisfaction. Minis Christmas Chocolates Candy BarIt’s made with nougat and milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and nougat. Candy Christmas candy bar is individually wrapped, so they are great for piñatas, parties or your candy bowl. SnickersCandy bars come in festive red, gold, and green packaging. ChoclateThe party size bag of candy chocolat makes sharing your favorite mini chocolate candy easy at home, work, and on the go. TheSNICKERS makes celebrations large and small even more memorable Make.Minis Christmas Chocolate Candy:

FeaturesOne 32-ounce bag of SNICKERS

  • Contains?amp; Minis Christmas CandyWith peanuts and nougat, nougat and chocolate milkChocolate Bars
  • Celebrate ChristmasA bag of minis chocolate bars to share
  • BringParties and office celebrationsChristmasThis bulk candy package is perfect for the office kitchen
  • StockStocking stuffers made from individually wrapped SNICKERS chocolate candy bars
  • UseFestive
  • TheseCandy bars come with glamorous wrappers in gold, red, and green to give your candy dish a seasonal flair.SnickersEveryone’s favorite
  • BeGift your favorite someone a gift Secret SantabarSnickersYour candy bowl with individually wrapped SNICKERS
  • FillChocolate barsMini candy for candy buffets, picnics and piñatas
  • Perfect Snickers Christmas:

Milk Chocolate. Sugar. Cocoa Butter. Chocolate. Skim Milk. Lactose. Milkfat( Soy Lecithin. Peanuts. Corn Syrup. Sugar. Palm Oil. Skim Milk. Lactose. Salt. Egg Whites.Artificial FlavorGET YOURS TODAY!


Mini snickers chocolate bars loaded with TheseSoft nougat, chocolate, and caramel with fresh roasted peanuts. Milk candy bars satisfy your hunger.
CHRISTMAS WRAPPING SnickersIndividually wrapped mini chocolates come with festive red and green packaging.
PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: These; you’re not you when you’re hungry. SnickersFriendly VegetarianChocolat free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. ChristmasMini chocolate bars are loved by all ages.
WIDE USE: TheseMini candy bars in individually wrapped packages are great for stocking stuffers, holiday parties, or filling candy dishes. TheseYou can share a bag of chocolate candy bar bars at your next festive event.
Perfect for sharing: GetShare size: 32 ounce and 64-ounce bags of chocolate TheSinckers candy bars make sharing your favorite chocolate candy easy at home, at work, and on the go. ChristmasCelebrations large and small are even more delicious when they include MakeBars
Snickers Candy Minis

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