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STARBURST Original, FaveREDS, All Pink, & Swirlers Assorted Chewy Party Candy Variety Pack, 42.6 oz 18 Count


Contains one (1) 42.6oz 18-count STARBURST chewy candy variety pack
This bulk assorted candy pack features STARBURST Original, STARBURST FaveREDS, STARBURST All Pink, and STARBURST Swirlers chewy candy flavors
This fruity candy variety pack is full of unexplainably juicy and fun to eat chewy candy treats


AreAre you a fan unfathomably juicy STARBURST candy This AmazonThis exclusive STARBURST bulk variety pack has been created for you. NowYou don’t have the choice between OriginalFaveREDS All Pink, SwirlersYou can get a STARBURST fix with chewy candy sticks Each STARBURST assorted candy pack includes 6 STARBURST Original fruit chews candy packs, 4 STARBURST FaveREDS candy packs, 4 STARBURST All PinkChewy candy and 4 STARBURST SwirlersPacks of chewy candy sticks ExperienceA rush of fruity flavor with cherry, strawberry-orange, and cherry-strawberry flavors from STARBURST SwirlersCandy sticks. STARBURST FAVEREDS contains an exclusive mix of strawberry, watermelon and fruit punch flavors. STARBURST All PinkFruit chews are infused in delicious strawberry flavor. AndSTARBURST, of course! OriginalFruit chews are a classic combination of strawberry, orange, lemon, and cherry candy flavors. ThisThis bulk candy assortment mix is great for sharing with family and friends. ShareThe delicious, sweet, and uncomplicated goodness of STARBURST candy can be enjoyed at movie nights, game nights, or as a candy gift package for long-distance friends. ThereThis exclusive assortment of chewy candy cans offers endless ways to enjoy the STARBURST chocolate you love.

ContainsOne (1) pack of STARBURST chewy candy, 18-count, 42.6oz
ThisBulk Assorted Candy Pack Features STARBURST Original, STARBURST FaveREDS, STARBURST All Pink, and STARBURST Swirlers chewy candy flavors
ThisFruity candy variety packs are full of delicious, easy to eat, chewy candy treats that are undoubtedly juicy
AnAssorted candy variety pack. This is the perfect gift for the original Starburst candy fan or anyone who loves trying new flavors of chewy candy.
AddShare the delicious flavors of STARBURST candy and have some fun with your friends.

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