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Sun-Maid California Dried Golden Raisins, No Added Sugar, Naturally Sweet Dried Fruit, 1 oz boxes, 6 ct


SNACK BOXES: Individual 1 oz snack boxes of Golden Raisins, 6 count (6 oz total). Perfect for lunch boxes, on-the-go snacking or convenient portion control as a topping for your favorite cereal or salad.
WHOLE FRUIT: Simply fruit, that’s all! The highest quality, perfectly ripened, perfectly dried sweet treat on its own or added into your favorite recipes.
NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED: We want to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, Sun-Maid has had this product certified Non-GMO for your assurance while shopping.


TasteThe sun! Sun-Maid California Golden RaisinsAre a golden amber-raisin that was grown in the sunny vineyards. California’s Central Valley. OurThe sun ripens raisins to their peak flavor. After that, they are sun-dried to perfection. FilledWith fiber Sun-Maid California Golden RaisinsThese energy-boosting snacks are low in fat and can be taken anywhere. MakeMake them a healthy part in your diet by including them in your favorite baked goods and stuffings, rice dishes, and other salads. Just ¼ of a cup equals a full serving of fruit. Sun-MaidProduces some the finest fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the world, including a variety of grapes. ServingSince 1912, customers and consumers have been inseparable. Sun-MaidProvides premium quality raisins and dried fruit from the raisin- and fruit farms of Californiafor homes and dining establishments around the globe.

SNACK BOXES Individual1 oz snack packs Golden Raisins, 6 count (6 oz total). PerfectFor lunch boxes, snacking on the go, or as a topping to your favorite salad or cereal.
WHOLE FRUIT Simply fruit, that’s all! ThePerfectly ripened and dried sweet treats of the highest quality.
NON GMO PROJECT VERIFIED WeYou want to be as transparent and open as possible. Therefore. Sun-MaidThis product was certified NonShop with confidence knowing that you are protected by -GMO
ALL NATURAL Just GrapesAnd Sunshine. RaisinsThey contain only natural sugars, making them an antioxidant powerhouse. DehydrationThe raisins are richer in nutrients than grapes, making them a healthy snack that is natural and nutritious for both children and adults.
HEALTHY SNACK CHOICE RaisinsThey are low in fat and have less than 130 calories each. NutritiousDelicious and nutritious, raisins are great snacks for children. They help them reach the recommended five- to nine daily fruit intakes.

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