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Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookie Mixed Box of 12 Breakfast Cookies, (3) Orange, Cranberry Nut; (3) Gingered Apple; (3…


(3) Orange, Cranberry Nut; (3) Gingered Apple; (3) Banana Coconut; and (3) Cocoa Breakfast Cookies in a white gift box, handsome enough to be a gift
Two grams of vegetarian omega-3 in each Individually-wrapped breakfast cookie. Call it a breakfast cookie or a breakfast bar or biscuit, it is the ultimate convenience food.
Rich in whole grain oats and dried fruit, as well as the fast-acting, heart-healthy Omega-3. Eight grams of protein! Delicious and nutritious to go!


Hi? I’m SusieThese all-natural, high-quality products were created by me. Omega-3 Breakfast CookiesAfter writing a history, OmegaResearch on -3 fatty acids: The QueenOf Fats– Why OmegaThe -3s were eliminated WesternWhat we can do about diet and how to replace them (UniversityOf California Press2006 I wanted to make something vegetarian that would be sustainable and effective for my family’s health. Omega-3s — These fast-acting, heart-healthy fats that are essential for every cell and tissue in our bodies. AndIt had to be natural, of course! It should be super delicious and satisfying — something that would keep my daughters (and grandsons!) happy. It can be enjoyed for hours. It was a great convenience food that I created, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Susie’s Smart Breakfast CookiesThese are great for breakfast, lunch, or snack anytime. (TheyThey are great for lunch with a cup soup or yogurt. EachIndividually wrapped cookies contain 8 grams protein and 20g of whole grains. Omega-3s TheyThey are full of oatmeal and dried apples, so you can keep going no matter what happens! BecauseThey provide perfect portion control and even aid with dieting. PleaseGive them a shot and let me know your thoughts. AlsoPlease be aware that our Breakfast CookiesYou will receive them directly from our bakery. We have the highest safety and health standards. InYou don’t need to leave your house to have these all-natural, healthy meals replacements during times of social distancing. BeIt is important to remember that Susie

(3) Orange? Cranberry Nut(3) Gingered Apple(3) Banana Coconut; and (3) Cocoa Breakfast CookiesA white gift box that is handsome enough to be a present in.
TwoEach capsule contains 1.5 grams of vegetarian omega-3 IndividuallyBreakfast cookie wrapped in foil CallIt can be used for breakfast as a biscuit, breakfast bar, or breakfast cookie.
RichWhole grain oats and dried fruits, as well as the fast-acting heart-healthy options Omega-3. EightYou get a whopping gram of protein DeliciousHealthy and delicious to go!
JustSweet enough for children, but not too sweet to please adults
GreatFor commuters, students, athletes, and travelers — all kinds of people.
TastesIt tastes just like it was baked at home. CreatedBy Susie AllportAuthor of the QueenWhy are fats important? Omega-3 were omitted from the WesternWhat we can do about diet and how to replace them.
Allergen Information: Tree Nuts

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