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Theo Chocolate Orange Organic Dark Chocolate Bar, 70% Cacao, 12 Pack | Vegan Chocolate, Fair Trade


OUR SUMMER DELIVERY PROMISE: When you see “Ships from and sold by Theo Chocolate,” your order will ship with cold packs if it encounters temperatures of 70 degrees or higher. Our delivery window ensures enough time for us to carefully choose when we ship your order so it is in transit the shortest amount of time, making its way to you in the same delicious condition it leaves our factory.
ORANGE 70% DARK CHOCOLATE: Our Orange Dark Chocolate Bar is an indulgent blend of smooth dark chocolate and the essence of fresh oranges for a deliciously intense chocolate flavor with a bright citrus sensation.
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Our chocolate bars are certified organic and responsibly sourced, featuring cocoa beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru.


OUR SUMMER DELIVERY PROMISE When you see “ShipsFrom and sold by Theo ChocolateIf the temperature is 70 degrees or more, your order will be shipped with cold packs. OurDelivery window allows us enough time to choose when to ship your order, so it is in transit in the shortest possible time and arrives at you in the same condition it left our factory.
ORANGE 70% DARKCHOCOLATE Our Orange Dark Chocolate BarIt is a delicious blend of smooth dark chocolate with the essence of fresh oranges. This gives it a vibrant citrus taste and intense chocolate flavor.
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS OurChocolate bars are organically certified and responsibly sourced. They contain cocoa beans from the Democratic RepublicThis is Congo Peru.
VEGAN & SOY FREE: This TheoA chocolate bar is Vegan? Soy Free? Kosher Non-GMO
FAIR FOR LIFE FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED AsThe first organic, fair trade chocolate manufacturer in North AmericaWe are committed to advancing the industry to support farmers and their families, and to instill fair trade practices.

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