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Tony’s Chocolonely 51% Dark Chocolate Bar with Pecan and Coconut, 6.35 Ounce


Coconut and pecans in the mix with dark chocolate. With this bar, you find yourself in a hammock on a sandy beach with swaying palms. Wake me up before you coco!
belgian dark chocolate with pecan and coconut. cocoa solids: 51% minimum. made in belgium.
ingredients cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, pecans, grated coconut, soy lecithin


CoconutPecans and dark chocolate in the mixture. WithThis bar will take you to a hammock on a sandy shore with swaying palms. WakeI will rise before you coco!
Belgian dark chocolate with coconut and pecan. cocoa solids: 51% minimum. Made in Belgium
Ingredients cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter, pecans and grated coconut, soylecithin
Storage advice Store in a dark room with temperature between 12 °C and 19 °C. DoDo not store strong-smelling products.

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