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TREE FARM Dalgona Crunch 12-Pack | Dalgona Coffee Topping | Korean Sugar Candy | Crushed Honeycomb Candy without…


🍯 HONEYCOMB SPONGE CANDY – Looking for a new candy flavor to love and savor? This Dalgona Candy Snack is the perfect find for you. This honeycomb sponge candy is made out of cooked sugar. They are crushed in different shapes and sizes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
🍯 PERFECT SNACK – Are you having a boring time and is needing of a little energy boost? Well, you can just enjoy this seafoam sugar candy snack in your free time. Its sweetness will surely give you the comfort you need.
🍯 SWEET TREAT ON FAVORITE FOOD – Do your favorite food looking and tasting boring over time? This dalgona candy snack comes in for a rescue! Add this sweet little treat on top of your favorite foods such as yogurt, muesli, ice cream, etc. Watch and taste the magic that this candy can bring to the table and to your food.


WeWe are a distuibution firm that has been specializing in grocery and confectionery since 2007. Our goal is to bring top-quality brands and products to the international market.

OurMission as ‘Life Value Creator”It is to improve the value of life by bringing happiness and joy to all customers with enthusiasm, devotion, and love.
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🍯HONEYCOMB SPONGE CANDY – LookingWant to try a new candy flavor that you will love and savor every time? This Dalgona Candy SnackThis is the ideal place for you. ThisHoneycomb sponge candy can be made with cooked sugar. TheyYou can crush them in many different sizes and shapes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
🍯PERFECT SNACK AreAre you bored and in need of some energy? WellYou can also enjoy this seafoam sugar candy snack during your free time. ItsSweetness will give you the comfort that you need.
🍯SWEET TREAT ON YOUR FAVORITE FOOD DoIs your favorite food getting boring? ThisDalgona candy snacks come in to rescue! AddThis sweet little treat can be added to your favorite foods like yogurt, muesli and ice cream. WatchEnjoy the magic this candy can bring to your table and to your food.
🍯INGREDIENTS TO DALGONA COFFEE – DalgonaThe top trend in coffee today is whipped coffee (also known as coffee) on TikTok. IfIf you are looking for a sweet and extra-sugary snack, this dalgona candy snack will do the trick. JustSprinkle this over your coffee and enjoy the sweet flavor.
🍯 CRUNCHY & MELTING – TheThe crunchiness of this candy melts in your mouth instantly. ThisIt has the perfect texture for a candy snack that everyone will love, including seniors and children.

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