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Tropicana 100% Juice 3-flavor Classic Variety Pack,10 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

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Contains twenty four (24) 10 ounces bottles of assorted Tropicana fruit blend drinks
This variety pack includes three 100 percent juice flavors (8 bottles each); Orange, Apple and Fruit Medley
Tropicana Juice is the perfect beverage to pack in lunches or drink on the go



Flavor:3-Flavor Classic Variety Pack | Size:10Ounce (Pack of 24)

Now you can enjoy the refreshing taste of Tropicana’s Fruit Medley, Apple and Orange Juice anytime, anywhere with these convenient 10 oz. bottles.(*) 100% juice contains 100% of your day’s supply of vitamin C? an important antioxidant that helps support a healthy immune system. Tropicana classic beverages are the perfect combination of taste nutrition. TheseYou can do this, first of all BestYou get a twenty-four (24)-count variety juice pack delivered right to your door. Tropicana? Tropicana Fruit Medley Apple JuiceAnytime you like.

Orange JuiceTwenty-four (24) 10 ounce bottles of assorted Contains fruit blend drinks
TropicanaThree 100 percent juice flavors (8 bottles each) are included in the variety pack This? Orange AppleIt is the ideal beverage to pack in lunches, or take with you on the move
Fruit Medley
Tropicana JuiceThese AddYou can add vitamin C to your daily life for a delicious, convenient source of vitamin A
Tropicana JuicesThis 24 count juice pack is delivered right to your doorstep

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