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BLUE RIBBON Twinings Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Variety Pack Gift Box – 48 Count – Perfect Variety – English Breakfast…


Our Twinings Tea Bag variety contains 48 pack, all different flavors. Find your favorite!
Organic Nightly Calm, Natural Green Tea, Lady Grey Tea, Honey bush&Mandarin Orange, Chai Spiced Apple, Early Grey Extra Bold, Organic Pepermint, English Breakfast Regular, Camomile &Honey&Vanilla, English Breakfast Decaffeinated, Pure Pepermint, Irish Breakfast Decaffeinated, Pure Camomile, Prince of Wales, Berry Fusion, Orange&Cinammon Spice, Pure Rooibos Red Tea, Lemon Delight, Wild Berries, Green Tea Jusmine, Darjeeling, Early Grey Lavender, Organic Green Tea
GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION AND PURPOSE: Perfect GIFT as a care package for college students, schools kids, co-workers, military personal, your family, friends and yourself.


Our Twinings Tea BagVariety includes 48 packs of all different flavors. FindMake sure to vote for your favorite
Organic Nightly Calm? Natural Green Tea? Lady Grey Tea? HoneybushMandarin Orange? Chai Spiced Apple? Early Grey Extra Bold? Organic Pepermint? English Breakfast Regular? Camomile?Honey&Vanilla? English Breakfast Decaffeinated? Pure Pepermint? Irish Breakfast Decaffeinated? Pure Camomile? PrinceThis is Wales? Berry Fusion? Orange?Cinammon Spice? Pure Rooibos Red Tea? Lemon Delight? Wild Berries? Green Tea Jusmine? Darjeeling? Early Grey Lavender? Organic Green Tea
It’s great for any occasion and any purpose. PerfectGIFT is a care package that you can send to college students, school kids, coworkers, military personnel, your family, friends, and yourself.
MAKE IT A GIFT ComesA decorative gift box featuring a gift design with fancy blue ribbons. IndulgeThis will benefit your loved ones, your family, and you. Twinings TeaGift box

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