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Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars – Set of 3 Dairy Free Petite Gourmet Chocolate Bars – Schisandra Berry Flavor by DADA Daily


Daily Decadence: DADA Daily chocolate bars are here to redefine how you think about candy. Our healthy snacks are mindfully crafted to make indulging something you can actually feel good about!
Entertain Your Senses: Healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Our snacking chocolate has a creamy texture, subtle berry flavor, all while being dairy and sugar free.
Quality Ingredients: DADA gluten free chocolate is made with only wholesome ingredients we love. We believe snacking shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure — just a pleasure.


Flavor:Schisandra Berry

AboutThe Chocolate

Don’tDo you not hate those who claim to be satisfied with just one square chocolate?You are! YeaAlso, us. NowFor your ultimate satisfaction, you can have your daily chocolate fix already portioned. EachDark chocolate bars are made with the right amount of schisandra fruits. TheA great snack for before bed; schisandra is known to help relax and de-stress the mind. It’s a guilt-free indulgence in all aspects.

SchisandraBerries are known to calm the body and reduce stress.

No sugar or animal products — break the rules of what a sweet snack should look like.


Cocoa Nibs? Coconut Sugar? Cocoa Butter? Coconut Oil? Schisandra Berry Powder? Cinnamon?????amp; Sea Salt. *ManufacturedIn a facility which also processes peanuts, tree nuts and dairy.

AboutDADA Daily

DADA means breaking the rules. ChallengingWhat should a snack brand look like? WHAT snack should you eat? Why snacks should be different from the rest. WeWe are all about DECADENCE – bringing DECADENCE to your table. DecadenceThis is GUILT-FREE, MINDFULLY CRAFTED, AND VERY GOOD FOR YOU. InspiredWe are protesting against the status quo by the DADA ART MOVEMENT WhoSays decadence is only occasional? WeMake DECADENCE a RITUAL. DON’T SNACK. DADA. DAILY DECADENCE.

Daily DecadenceDADA DailyThe new chocolate bars will revolutionize the way you think of candy. OurHealthy snacks are thoughtfully designed to make you feel good about eating them!
Entertain Your Senses: HealthyIt doesn’t have be boring or bland. OurSnacking chocolate is rich in flavor and texture. It is also dairy-free.
Quality IngredientsDADA Gluten-Free Chocolate is made with only the best ingredients that we love. We believe snacking shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure — just a pleasure.
Come In? We’re Vegan: WhetherYou don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy these small bars, no matter how long you’ve been one. SmoothMildly bitter and made without animal products ever!
Beautiful Benefits: TheLow-calorie chocolate is rich in schisandra berries, which can help calm and de-stress the body. ThePerfect before-bed snack

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