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Wipala Crunchy Pineapple Protein Bars Healthy Snack Energy Bar Quinoa and Andean Lupin Snack Bars, Sugar Free, Vegan…


Pack of 12 plant based individually wrapped whole food bars inside a box. Made with earths clean ingredients with a crispy exterior and chewy inside that will make your tummy happy. Packed with energy from real foods and low in calorie intake.
All-natural preservative free with vegan nutrition, and only 5 grams of protein.
Only 4 Weight Watchers Smart Points per bar. Rich in fiber with 3 grams and 94mg of potassium. Packaged in a nut free facility.



Flavor Name hungry? Enjoy a delicious and healthy snack right away. Present Pineapple

FeelingThese snack bars can not only satisfy your hunger but also prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks. Wipala OrganicThese healthy bars are your perfect travel companion because they are packed with super nutritious, organic ingredients. MadeThese nutrition bars can be carried in your bag when you travel, hike, or go for any outdoor activity. They will save you from an unexpected hunger attack. KeepA combination of fiber and protein FullThese bars contain a healthy amount of ingredients. They are a mixture of pure fiber and protein. WithWith superfood grains from MadeHighlands AndeanMixed with native tropical fruit from the pacific coastline of Ecuador100% Ecuador? Organic Protein BarEnergy bars that are free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives are free from all preservatives. SugarProtein bars that are HealthyTo ensure purity, it is non-GMO and gluten free Non Healthy: DeliciousThese snack bars for children are a great alternative to junk food. ServeYou will love the taste of this delicious dish as soon as you take a bite. Just: Ingredients? Oats? Glucose rice? Crispy? Organic Pineapple? Organic Quinoa, Organic Panela. Organic Andean LupinThe emblem of the WipalaCulture and the union between its people. AndeanIt is, in essence, much more. It’s the opportunity to innovate from within our origins. ButOur roots are in every snack, from our farmers to each crop.Sharing12 individually wrapped whole food bars made with plant-based ingredients in a box

PackMade with earth’s fresh ingredients, this delicious snack will satisfy your stomach. It has a crispy exterior and a chewy inside that will make you happy. MadeEnergy from real foods and low in calories
PackedOnly 5 grams of protein and no preservatives.
All4 OnlyPer bar Weight Watchers Smart PointsFiber with 3 grams and 94mg potassium. RichIn a nut-free facility
PackagedThe power of superfoods Contains QuinoaLupin is the only bar that has this combination of health and beauty.
AndeanIt has low sugar and fat content, which makes it a great choice for a salad or as a dessert.

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